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2027 TEAM - 15U

Scott Faircloth

Head Coach



Coach Scott graduated from Green Run High School in Virginia Beach where he was solidly mediocre enough to be a three year starter on the team.  Proving his "just slightly above average" credentials as a player, Green Run would later win the state championship a year after he graduated.  While the Tidewater area would later become a hotbed of baseball talent, producing the likes of Ryan Zimmerman, David Wright, Michael Cuddyer and the Upton brothers... Scott would move on to James Madison University where he most definitely did not play D1 baseball... but was a total stud on the intramural softball team.  However, because his love of the game outmatched his athletic gifting, Scott has coached his kids on the little league and travel level, most recently 11U and 13U teams in NVTBL.  As a coach, Scott places a heavy emphasis on fundamental skills development as well as character development.

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