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The Cavalry started as an idea in November 2015 when two premier baseball organizations in Loudoun County decided to merge into one entity.  Cameron Meyer and Scott Munchel felt that while the merger could be good for players already on travel teams, that it could keep away other accomplished and skilled players looking to play in a more competitive environment.  Quickly, the two decided to form an alternative organization that would focus on four primary areas.


1.  Growing the game of baseball

2.  Growing kids and relationships through the game of baseball

3.  Teaching the game of baseball  

4.  Teaching life lessons through the game of baseball


The very first tryout for the Cavalry occurred 1 short month later in December (before the organization had even decided on Cavalry as its name) and suddenly, the Cavalry had assembled a great group of young athletic 8U players that were eager to play travel baseball.  


The Cavalry name was selected from one of the suggestions provided by Coach Chris, once the staff and roster had been finalized in December 2015.  Historically, the Cavalry have been known as an elite, specialized, and small group of soldiers that were first into battle, and last to leave.  In this regard, the Cavalry staff and players have taken on the approach of jumping into the competitive battle of travel baseball full force.  The motto of the Cavalry is "Lead The Way".

The Cavalry competes in the Northern Virginia Travel Baseball League (NVTBL) and plan to grow the organization organically and in accordance to the needs and demand of other skilled players and interested families wishing to play travel baseball.  Our primary goal is to build solid players and upstanding people with a great understanding and appreciation of baseball.  


Training with the Cavalry is slightly different than other baseball organizations.  The Cavalry coaching staff will focus on speed, quality and high repetitions, and real baseball experience.  Cavalry players will learn the game of baseball by playing more baseball per hour than any other team in the area by facing real game scenarios as a standard part of the practice plan.  

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