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New 7U Developmental Team

We're happy to announce that the Cavalry organization will be starting a 7U developmental team for the fall of 2018. The purpose of this developmental team is to give kids the opportunity for more instruction and to allow them to develop their baseball skills playing with other kids of a similar ability and desire to be out on the field. Little league is fine and the kids have a lot of fun but there isn't enough practice time to really work on proper techniques and focus on skills development. The extra practice time and being with like-minded kids will allow the coaches to really work with them on developing proper fielding, throwing, pitching, hitting, and base running techniques. This is a Developmental Program and we will provide great instruction and tons of reps intended to provide an environment of growth and development of baseball skills and life skills associated with a team sports environment.

The Cavalry 7U Team is coached by Bryan Henry, Mike Massey and Chris Casad. Players will be required to meet the age requirement for NVTBL (Northern Va Travel Baseball League) baseball, which means they will need to be 7 years old or younger on 30 April 2019. Stated alternatively, their birthdate should be on or BEFORE 30 April 2012. Check out the 7U developmental Frequently Asked Questions page for more information to help answer some of the questions you may have.

We plan to hold tryouts for the 7U team on Sunday June 10th, time and location to be determined. If you're child is interested in trying out please contact us at and we'll add you to our contact list so we can update you on the time and location. The goal is to have 22-25 children for the 7U Developmental Program, enough to allow us to scrimmage each other on occasion.

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