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2016 9U April Fool's Tournament

Playing tough D
Warming up
First Cavalry win!
Great job team
The brain trust
Ian and the powerful swing
Trevor scoping out the pitcher
Connor with a high five
Josh reaching back
Coach Jesse and Jonah
Jonah after a hard knock
Last minute instruction
It's gonna drop!
Just hit it over the fence Connor
Another solid inning
Bryce on the ready at third
Beautiful day for baseball
Trevor with the windup
and the stretch
Chris rarin' to go
Jonah drives it deep
Trevor with another base hit
Colton gets ahold of one
Josh is SAFE at home
Connor and Chris excited to go
Sweet swing
Johan warming up
Everybody have their hat?
A tough bunch
Here comes the Cavalry
Grayson working out in the cage
Matthew in spring training
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