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Why get involved in travel at 7-year-olds?  It's a great way for your child to develop their baseball skills playing with other kids of a similar ability and desire to be out on the field.  Little league is fine and the kids have a lot of fun but there isn't enough practice time to really work on proper techniques and focus on skills development. The extra practice time and being with like-minded kids will allow the coaches to really work with them on developing proper fielding, throwing, pitching, hitting, and base running techniques. This is a Developmental Program and we will provide great instruction and tons of reps intended to provide an environment of growth and development of baseball skills and life skills associated with a team sports environment. 

Is my child eligible for the 7U team? Players will be required to meet the age requirement for NVTBL (Northern Va Travel Baseball League) baseball, which means they will need to be 7 years old or younger on 30 April. Stated alternatively, their birthdate should be on or AFTER 1 May. View the NVTBL age policy.

How much does it cost? We estimate the cost to be about $250-300/child for the year and that includes 1 jersey, a practice shirt, a hat, 7-8 weeks of indoor winter training, County/LSLL field fees, insurance, and equipment.

How many kids will make the team?  The goal is to have 22-25 children for the 7U Developmental Program, enough to allow us to scrimmage each other on occasion.  

What is the time commitment?  In the fall we will practice twice a week, once on Friday evening and once on Sunday for 90-120 minutes each practice.  Winter practice will be 90-120 minutes with time and date TBD at an indoor facility in the area, and in the spring 1 practice on Sundays.

How much travel is involved?  At 7U there is no real travel.  We may scrimmage against another team in the area but outside of that all practices will be on the same fields you play on for LSLL

Should my child still play LSLL?  We 100% encourage them to play LL in the spring.  In the fall if you would like to, please feel free to play LSLL or other sports like lacrosse or football. Multiple sports are especially good for the development of children. 

Will my child be developed at multiple positions?  Yes, all of the kids will learn the fundamentals of IF, OF, and pitching and if they are interested they will work at catcher as well.  7U is designed to be mostly practice and development and we will work with all of the children to become better all-around baseball players.  As the year goes on we may start having them focus on 1 or 2 primary IF positions to make sure they understand the responsibilities of these positions in greater detail. In general this is the Cavalry organization's philosophy for all teams.

What happens at 8U?  There will be tryouts again next summer for the 8U team.  At 8U the time commitment is similar but Sunday's will consist of Doubleheaders against other Northern VA Travel teams.  We may play in 1-2 tournaments in the fall and spring.  We will still remain committed to developing the children at multiple positions but the children also will need to understand this isn't LL and they must compete in practices and as well as in games.  

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